Monday, March 26, 2007

Limerick v. Dublin - NHL Result

Limerick 1-15 Dublin 0-22

There are days when you just can't help smiling. This is one. One swallow doesn't make a summer, but three great results & the confidence returns. Two more games this week. Go on lads & bring it home. Who better to express the joy than Tom Humphries, read to understand what it means to believe in a new dawn.

DUBLIN - Gary Maguire; Philip Brennan, Stephen Hiney, Tomás Brady; Michael Carton, Ronan Fallon, Derek O'Reilly (0-01); Joey Boland (0-02), Ger O'Meara (0-01); Tommy Moore (S Mullen (55) (0-01)), Declan Qualter (0-01) (Peadar Carton (65)), J Kelly (0-04); Kevin O'Reilly (0-07), Padraig O'Driscoll (0-02), Kevin Flynn (0-03).

LIMERICK - B Murphy; D Reale, S Lucey, S Hickey; P O'Dwyer, B Geary, Maurice O'Brien (0-02) (P Lawlor (45)); D O'Grady (0-01), Mike O'Brien; N Moran (M Fitzgerald (45) (0-01)), O Moran (0-03), A O'Shaughnessy (0-04); D Ryan (P Tobin (35) (0-02)), S O'Connor (1-00), B Foley (0-01) (B Begley (55)).

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