Saturday, July 19, 2008

Colin Moran - Cleared

The Dublin GAA Supporters Club welcomes the decision of the Dispute Resolution Authority to quash the suspension of Colin Moran.

From the outset the Club has supported the efforts of Colin to clear his name from the scandallous charge & subsequent suspension from the collision in the Westmeath game.

The Club praises particularly the efforts of so many Dublin fans in highlighting the injustice withwhich the DRA saw fit to agree.

Colin is a gentleman, a fine ambassador for his Club, County & GAA generally & is now free to play some part in the Leinster Final. Back to field now Collie & best wishes for a long sucessful summer.

One fan & Club Member, Agnes Freeman from Gorey went so far as to write to the national press, letter below, to criticise the attitude of certain GAA pundits & the Club congratulates Agnes on her determination.

Dear Pat

I was watching you on the Sunday game last weekend. You happened to make a negative comment about former inter-county players criticising current players. That is a bit rich, as surely the same can be said for you and the panel members.

Also it is thanks to you that Colin Moran has got a month's suspension. Your lot saw to that. It eems that you all think you have to keep nattering on all the time. I suggest sorten the programme then you won't have time to decide whom should be penalised.

The player inquestion, Westemath's Dermot Bannon, played on for another 20 minutes. Afew years ago Colin Moran had the very same thing happen to him but I don't remmber his oponent getting subsequent ban.

Will you & the rest of the panel please cop-on, asit is not your job to decide who deserves to play Championship matches & who desn't. Get a life!

Agnes Freeman, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

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