Sunday, February 14, 2010

NFL - Dublin 1-11, Derry 0-07

After a bright start by the Dubs, it took a long time for the game to warm up. But in the end the Jacks blitzed Derry in the closing 20 minutes to run out very comfortable winners.

With college action later in the week and with injuries, Dublin started without David Henry, Paul Flynn & James McCarthy. In came Kevin Bonner, Tiernan Diamond & James Brogan. The Blues however started strongest and as with last week, Eamonn Fennell kicked the 1st point. Further scores quickly saw Dublin into a 4-1 lead. However worrying they would fail to score again in the 1st period. Dublin again adopted a new total football approach with the half forwards dropping back in support of the defence. On occasion this left the Dubs with two and very often only 1 man up front and therefore once settled the Derry defence had the numbers to mop up Dublin play. Derry kept chipping away with a succession of frees and went into half time leading 6-4.

Giller made some half time changes, in came Brendan McManamon & Daragh Nelson, and the team were much more focussed in the 2nd period. Now passes found their man and when Bernard was introduced after 20 minutes the Dubs had a sharper edge. Berno kicked a free, Nelson kicked a point and then the truning point of the game. Kevin McManamon, who had been a thorn in the Derry side all night, turned his man, shrugged off the challenges and powered through to blast to the golf club end goal. The Dubs continued their dominance and won out by 7. Led by the superb Cian O’Sullvan, the Dublin defence held the Oak Leaf County to only 1 2nd half point & only 1 game from play all night. Two games, two wins. What a difference a year makes. Mayo next up..

Dublin - Michael Savage; Paul Conlon, Rory O'Carroll, Michael Fitzsimons; Paul Griffin, Cian O'Sullivan, James Brogan (Darragh Nelson (35) (0-01)); Eamonn Fennell (0-02), Ross McConnell (0-01); Alan Hubbard (Dean Kelly (50)), Michael MacAuley (0-01), Kevin Bonner; Tiernan Diamond (Brendan McManamon (35) (0-01), Blaine Kelly (0-01) (Bernard Brogan (55) (0-03)), Kevin McManamon (1-01) (Paul Casey (69)).

Derry - B Gillis; B Og McAlary (M McGoldrick (25)), G O'Kane, D McBride; C Kielt, M Lynch (0-02), L Hinphey; F Doherty, Patsy Bradley ( I Moore (55)); J Diver, J Kielt (0-04), A McCartney (M McCartney (30)); E Lynn (S Bradley (40)), C O'Boyle (B Mullan (50)), A McLaughlin (0-01).

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