Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dublin SFC Statistics 2007

Twenty four players featured in Dublin's Championship campaign, twelve of whom started in all six games. Stephen Cluxton, David Henry, Ross McConnell, Paul Griffin, Bryan Cullen, Barry Cahill and Alan Brogan played every minute of these games. Stephen Cluxton, David Henry and Paul Griffin, having also started and finished all NFL games, have the unique distinction of playing every minute of competitive action for Dublin this year.

Bernard Brogan was the most substituted player being replaced in all his four starts, however his big stage experience will certainly stand to him over the coming years. Darren Magee and Ray Cosgrove were the most used substitutes, each coming off the line on four occasions.

Dublin scored 5-87 over the 6 games conceeding 2-80. Top scorer was Mark Vaughan who returned 1-28 in his five appearances with Conal Keaney on his coat-tails with 0-21 and Alan Brogan with 2-11.

Collectively Dublin were miserly in defence only conceeding 2 goals and an average point per game concession of just over 13 points. The consistency in selection, with the keeper and all 6 backs starting every game, is significant here. Indeed only one defender, Paul Casey, was substituted throughout the championship.

The scores against column in the table below is an approximation, with positional switches very difficult to reflect, and therefore should be read as a collective unit.

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