Monday, August 27, 2007

Match Report - Dublin v. SFC Semi Final

Kerry 1-15 Dublin 0-16

Pillar summed it up perfectly at the end "They have been great ambassadors for Dublin football this year and they have put everything into it and I thought they left everything out on the pitch there today. We as a management team" and to paraphrase his comment we as supporters "would be ferociously proud of how they handled themselves."

Prior to throw in the atmosphere in the ground was fantastic, definitely the best before any game this year. There was a noticeable tension in the air and a belief that the game could go either way. And as the Pogues would say "There was half a million people there of all denominations".

And so it was to be. Kerry got off to a flying start going three points in the 1st four minutes but there is a determination in this team and they fought back brilliantly to lead by two points before Kerry pullen one back to trail 8-7 at half time. Over the half the battles were hard fought. Ross McConnell coped admirably with Donaghy and Griffin keeping a tight grip on the Gooch. In midfield Whelo and Ryaner were doing enormous work while up front Alan looked a real threat.

The turning point in the game came right at the start of the 2nd half when Declan O'Sullivan scuffed his kick around Clucko off the post and into the net. This goal would be so hard to pull back and within no time Kerry pulled away to a 6 point lead. Lesser teams would have been beaten by a cricket score but not the Jacks and rolling up their sleeves they fought and fought to pull themselves to within one point. The Hill was in full voice urging on the lads and the players didn't let them down. Heros all across the field in blue and too many to mention. Kerry kicked a consolation point to win by two and break our hearts again.

DUBLIN: Stephen Cluxton; David Henry, Ross McConnell, Paul Griffin; Barry Cahill (0-01), Bryan Cullen (0-02), Paul Casey; Ciaran Whelan, Shane Ryan; Colin Moran, Jason Sherlock (Ray Cosgrove (40)), Bernard Brogan (0-01) (Darren Magee (55)); Conal Keaney (0-04), Alan Brogan (0-03), Mark Vaughan (0-05) (Tomás Quinn (55)).

KERRY: Diarmuid Murphy; Marc Ó Sé, Tom O'Sullivan, Padraig Reidy; Tomas Ó Sé (0-01), Aidan O'Mahony, Killian Young; Dara Ó Sé (Tommy Griffin (21) (Dara O'Sé (60)), Seamus Scanlon; Paul Galvin (0-01) (Sean O'Sullivan (0-01) (60)), Declan O'Sullivan (1-o4), Eoin Brosnan (0-02) (Darren O'Sullivan (65)); Colm Cooper (0-03), Kieran Donaghy, Brian Sheehan (0-03).

First Half
1 min: Eoin Brosnan point. Kerry 0-01, Dublin 0-00
3 mins: Paul Galvin point. Kerry 0-02, Dublin 0-00.
4 mins: Paul Galvin point. Kerry 0-03, Dublin 0-00.
7 mins: Barry Cahill point. Kerry 0-03, Dublin 0-01.
13 mins: Conal Keaney point Kerry 0-03, Dublin 0-02.
19 mins: Alan Brogan point. Kerry 0-03, Dublin 0-03.
20 mins: Mark Vaughan point. Dublin 0-04, Kerry 0-03.
25 mins: Brian Sheehan point. Dublin 0-04, Kerry 0-04.
27 mins: Mark Vaughan point. Dublin 0-05, Kerry 0-04.
30 mins: Bernard Brogan point. Dublin 0-06, Kerry 0-04.
31 mins: Colm Cooper point. Dublin 0-06, Kerry 0-05.
33 mins: Conal Keaney point. Dublin 0-07, Kerry 0-05.
35 mins: Colm Cooper point. Dublin 0-07, Kerry 0-06.
36 mins: Alan Brogan point. Dublin 0-08, Kerry 0-06.
37 mins: Declan O'Sullivan point. Dublin 0-08, Kerry 0-07.

Second Half
37 mins: Declan O'Sullivan goal. Kerry 1-07, Dublin 0-08.
38 mins: Brian Sheehan point. Kerry 1-08, Dublin 0-08.
43 mins: Colm Cooper point. Kerry 1-09, Dublin 0-08.
41 mins: Brian Sheehan point. Kerry 1-10, Dublin 0-08.
48 mins: Mark Vaughan point. Kerry 1-10, Dublin 0-09.
49 mins: Tomás Ó Sé point. Kerry 1-11, Dublin 0-09.
50 mins: Colm Cooper point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-09.
54 mins: Mark Vaughan point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-10.
56 mins: Conal Keaney point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-11.
62 mins: Mark Vaughan point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-12.
63 mins: Alan Brogan point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-13.
65 mins: Bryan Cullen point. Kerry 1-12, Dublin 0-14.
67 mins: Sean O'Sullivan point. Kerry 1-13, Dublin 0-14.
69 mins: Declan O'Sullivan point. Kerry 1-14, Dublin 0-14.
70 mins: Bryan Cullen point. Kerry 1-14, Dublin 0-15.
72 mins: Conal Keaney point. Kerry 1-14, Dublin 0-16.
73 mins: Declan O'Sullivan point. Kerry 1-15, Dublin 0-16.

A poignant moment after the game when Whelo took off his gloves turned and waved to the Hill as if to say goodbye. But this should not be time for goodbyes but time for rest. Brogie told the world "When we go back we'll have another look at it and hopefully come back bigger and stronger." And that is how it should be. There is an All-Ireland in this team and the county is completely behind you all. Let us hope that Pillar, the management team and all the players can be encouraged to give it another shot because we know you have it in you.

This year this bunch of fine men, players and selectors, young and old, have done us proud. Looking back you have given us enormous enjoyment over the summer and we have enjoyed being with you. We can't wait till next year when we'll be behind you again.

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