Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barrier in front of the Hill

The Dublin GAA Supporters Club calls on the Ard Chomhairle to revisit its decision to increase the height of the barrier at the front of the Hill to 2.8m.  This decision, taken by a group of people who never use the facilities of the Hill, and without discussion with supporters' representatives, is paradoxically a retrograde step in the health, safety and welfare systems for the stadium.  It will impede the visibility from the terrace, lead to severe discomfort for those attending games and  may lead to major crush problems at the end of finals. 

It is one of the latest in a series of actions taken against fans watching games from a historic part of the ground and brands Hill attendees as 2nd class supporters.  Already this summer those attending games on the Hill, and only those attending in this part of the stadium, have been subjected to frisk searches, have had closed bottles of water confiscated, even though water is on sale in the ground, have been delayed entry to the ground while other parts of the stadium are open, have had flagpoles taken and had to watch on as elderly attendees have been subjected to intrusive questioning and search.

This decision has been expalined as a response to problems experienced at the Leinster Final when difficulties were experienced at other parts of the ground and for which no action is proposed.  The Club calls on the Ard Chomhairle to reverse its position, to leave the pampered closeted confines of the luxury seats of the stands and experience the real life of attending a game on the Hill.  We are certain that then, and only then, would fans on the Hill gain the respect and proper treatment they deserve.



having worked as a steward(unpaid) for many years, I have plenty of experience of the dangers of fencing at the hill.People climbing and falling , crushing , and visibility been impeded. The Central council have no experience of the hill, after all they are not second class fans.

Michael Tighe said...

This is a disgrace. Hillsborough, Heysel, The Taylor Report all the evidence is there that this is a risk to all fans using the Hill. We as fans must petition to cahnge this before one of us is hurt or killed because of there ill-thought and unconsulltative approach.
Michael Tighe