Friday, August 20, 2010

Memories of 1987

Dublin Supporter Pat O'Leary was in touch and kindly sent us a poem he wrote in 1987 in memory of that fateful day when Cork failed to turn out for extra time.

We reproduce this with thanks to Pat.


(N.F.L. Semi Final April 1987 at Croke Park finished level. It was decided that there would be no replay and extra- time would be played immediately. The Cork team refused and left the ground. Dublin took the field and were awarded the match.)

One cold wet April afternoon,
The Dubs were feeling low,
Were shocked to find, one point behind,
With seconds left to go !

But just the same as eighty - three,
The Corkmen howled “a crime !”
Were mesmerised, Rock equalised,
To head for extra time.

The referee, from Cavan,
He pointed to spot.
Cork left the field, they would not yield,
To play on, they would not.

The referee threw in the ball,
A goal was scored by Rock.
With haste insane, to get their train,
Cork ran off, still in shock.

Like frightened rabbits running,
Over mountains and the moors,
The Red and White, in headlong flight,
A shower of “Windy Hoors !”

Chorus: (air The Banks of my own lovely Lee)
Where they sported and ran,
Windy Hoors to a man,
By ‘de banks of ‘de Royal Canal .

Pat O’Leary 1987

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