Monday, August 11, 2008

"The Twelve Apostles" - Song from 1983

Pat O'Leary (1983)

From the Club archives, a copy of a song celebrating Dublin's All-Ireland win in 1983. The language is strong.

This was originally published on the site without knowing the name of the talented poet. Since then long time Club member Pat O'Leary has been in contact to confirm authoring the poem in the days following the game. It became very popular among Dublin supporters (naturally) and was even recited on RTE. This was but one of many like poems written over the years - other examples "The true story of the John Finn incident" (1985), "Revenge for 92" (1993) and "Revenge 2" (1995) being the most well known.

Pat is from a family of Club members which includes a son and almost certainly the oldest member of the Club, Ena O'Leary.

Here's hoping that Pat has the chance to write a further poem later this year marking Ena celebrating All-Ireland success.

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