Sunday, June 15, 2008

SHC - Dublin 0-19 Wexford 2-13

Dublin 0-19 Wexford 2-13

With seconds remaining Diarmuid Lyng stepped up to take a free to punish the Dubs who must have thought last year's nightmare was to repeat but thankfully a poor strike gave the Blues a more than deserved draw. Indeed Dublin must be kicking themselves as they destroyed Wexford in the 1st half, a half which saw the yellow bellys record only 1 point and that not from play. They did score 2 goals in the half which kept them in touch with a rampant Dublin who had Dotsy O'Callaghan & Ross O'Carroll to punish Wexford & take a half time lead of 0-11 to 2-01. The corner forwards received fantastic ball in front from diagonal passes & had no difficulty in firing over from tight angles.

In the 2nd period Wexford came out all guns blazing & Dublin showed through grit to hold their lead. Wexford would draw level on 2 occasions but the Dubs never gave up & with the O' boys again in great form they were more than a match for the slaneysiders. Indeed for some strange reason the Dubs changed their attack style shooting from long distance rather than feed Dotsy & Ross & one hopes this does not cost them in the end.

However it was a day to be proud of the Dubs who have shown they are more than a match for their Leinster counterparts. Around the field Dublin had leaders in Tomás Brady, Ronan Fallon, John McCaffrey, Dotsy & Ross.

Dublin: Gary Maguire; Niall Corcoran, Stephen Hiney, Tomás Brady; Michael Carton, Ronan Fallon, Joey Boland; John McCaffrey (0-03), Simon Lambert (0-01) (Declan Qalter (65)); James Burke (0-01) (P Kelly (69)), Declan O'Dwyer (0-01), Kevin Flynn (0-01) (David Curtin (55)); David O'Callaghan (0-08),John Kelly (Paul Ryan (40)), Ross O'Carroll (0-04).

Wexford: D Fitzhenry; M Travers, K Rossiter, P Roche (J Tonks (60)); M Jacob, D O'Connor, D Stamp; B O'Leary (M Doyle (55)), C Farrell (S Doyle (45) (0-02)); PJ Nolan (T Dwyer (70)), E Quigley (1-02), D Lyng (0-05)); D Redmond (0-01), S Banville (1-00), R Jacob (0-03).

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